2-4 August

Copeland Gallery, Peckham.
SE15 3SN

Plant 5000 Trees with

We (Adapt) put on an environmental exhibition like no other! With ever-more pressing news about climate change hitting our headlines on a daily basis, and a surge of inspiring action taking the country by storm, we invited people to learn about, and act on global warming through our huge specially designed space. 'Sadness is a no gO-zone' featured our work (Adapt) and 50 specially selected artists. Visitors came to the gallery to tackle the biggest issues facing the planet, from energy to travel to wilding through curated actions. At the exhibition we partnered with Ecosia to launch a challenge to plant 5000 trees, download Ecosia through our special link to join the challenge.

The exhibition focused on happiness and motivation, there were laughs, engaging visual art and some audience participation, alongside a program of events and a fundraising shop. Follow us
on instagram to keep in the loop with future events.

Every artist was selected by us and asked to respond to one of our chosen phrases, see the list of contributors below. There were are also special pieces by friends of Adapt.

ABC Dinamo
Aldo Caprini
Aiden Barefoot
Axel Pellatanche
Ben Dresner-reynolds
Bonnie Workman
Bryony Quinn
Carlos Romo-Melgar
Cate Rickards
Dalton Maag
Danilo Kuchumov
Dan Sonnino
Dave Lawler
David Renton
Emilia Ford
Floriane Rousselt
Gabby Matuszyk
George Gibb
Gregory Page
Disco Dickins
Hannah Schrage
Harry Butt
Holly St Clair
Jack Smith
Javier Lopez
Johan Elmhag
Josie Tucker
Katie Evans
Lauren Davies
Lily Kongyuet
Lousie Camu
Maria Giemza
Marija Marc
Max Turrent
Nina Rosie Kelly Carter
Ollie Deans
Patrick Savile
Paul Bailey
Peach Doble
Propagate Collective
Rachel Zetah Becker
Radicalzz Studio
Robin Friend
Sarah Borris
Snooty Studio
Sophie Rogers
Tom Coolen
Tom Gecim
Tom Noon
Richard Ashton
Vince Hegedus
Will Brindley
William Davey
+ work from Adapt!

George Gibb - Cool Your Jets
Size: B2

George Gibb - Cool Your Jets
Size: B2

George Gibb - Cool Your Jets
Size: B2

Exhibition opens:










Fri 2.8.19


Launch Night

Come join us to kick off Sadness is a no gO-zone. With a bar run by 504 the Arch, Adapt's friends behind the decks and a fundraising shop, make sure you don't miss out!

Free Tickets

Sat 3.8.19


Protest Flag Making

Join artist Peach Doble get angry and make your own protest banner using fabric offcuts from local seamstresses. Resist! Persist! Protest!

Drop In Session

Sun 4.8.19


Plant 5000 Trees
Adapt x Ecosia

Adapt will be introducing our latest campaign with Ecosia, the search browsing maestros, to plant 5000 trees using their search engine. You can take part in the challenge in the exhibition but download the browser at the top of this page if you want to get a head start!

Drop In Session

Urbogreens Farming

Come see and learn about Jan Urbanowski's vibrant urban farm. Urbogreens are grown year round using less water than traditional farming methods and without pesticides with fewer effects on the environment. This food is packed full of flavour and goodness, its hyper fresh and hyper local. Food can be purchased at here and during the launch night.

Drop In Session

Dropping Seed Bombs

Become a guerrilla gardener and make your local environment wild! Learn how to make seed bombs and a difference in a hands on (and messy) workshop with Jon Halls, an artist and environmental activist.

Drop In Session

Designed Ecology

Lauren Davies is the founder & creative director of ‘Designed Ecology’, a multidisciplinary design practice that seeks to address issues around species extinction and ecological inequality. Come hear her talk through the concept behind her modular habitat boxes found within the exhibition.

Drop In Session